Scene Examination

ArroGen Forensics offers a comprehensive scene examination service covering a range of different areas of expertise and including both primary and re-examination of a scene.

Examples include:

  • Examination for the presence of blood, semen and other body fluids in connection with allegations of assault or sexual offences.
  • Luminol examination for trace amounts of blood e.g. after cleaning of a scene.
  • Blood pattern analysis e.g. to establish the nature of an assault and to inform the recovery of stains for DNA profiling.
  • Examination of a scene to collect insect larvae and other material which can help establish the post mortem interval.

Scene examination is likely to involve a number of different evidence types, and our experts have the level of experience and expertise to help devise a scene examination strategy, which will ensure that all relevant evidence types are considered. For example, the scene of an assault may primarily be concerned with the search for blood staining and carrying out blood pattern analysis. However, there may be a requirement for specialist marks enhancement e.g. footwear marks in blood, or to consider other trace evidence such as glass and paint. The comprehensive range of services offered by ArroGen Forensics will ensure that an appropriate strategy is set and that relevant evidence is recovered and interpreted appropriately.