Digital and Facial Image Comparison

Digital forensics covers a wide range of different evidence from the examination of mobile phones and other digital devices through to cell site analysis. Also included is the enhancement of audio, CCTV and video as well as voice recognition and facial image comparison.

ArroGen Forensics offers a full range of Digital and related services including:

  • Digital
    • Phones and Mobile Devices
    • eDisclosure
    • Forensic Data Recovery
    • Cell Site Analysis
  • Audio Enhancement
  • CCTV Enhancement
  • Video Enhancement
  • Voice Recognition
  • Facial Image Comparison

Our Experts

Ray Evans

BA (Hons) MMAA

Facial Image Comparison

Allen Hirson

Voice Recognition

Iain McArthur

Forensic Audio and Video Enhancement

Benedict Spencer

BSc (Hons)

Cell Site and CCTV