Fingerprint enhancement

Probably the oldest of the forensic disciplines, fingerprints are still the only unique means of human identification in that the fingerprint detail required to identify crime scene marks could be from one person only and from nobody else. Members of the same family, even identical twins, have different fingerprint detail.

ArroGen Forensics are unique amongst independent forensic suppliers in providing full fingerprint enhancement services from our specialist laboratories as well as comprehensive scene and case review services. Our expertise in other areas, such as ballistics and body fluids, ensures that the most appropriate strategy is employed to obtain “best evidence”. Our services include:

  • A range of specialist light sources to optimize the initial recovery of fingerprints in a non- destructive manner;
  • A range of physical and chemical enhancement procedures to maximise fingerprint recovery carried out in accordance with the CAST fingerprint manual;
  • Specialist enhancement of fingerprints associated with bloodstaining;
  • Interpretation of the method of formation of fingerprints associated with blood staining to rule out or include the possibility of blood being coincidentally associated with a pre-existing fingerprint;
  • Review of both current and historic cases to ensure that findings are valid and to explore the potential for re-examination;
  • Removal of smoke residues in fire scenes to locate underlying fingerprints;
  • Specialist photography of fingerprints;
  • Comparison of fingerprints with reference prints from a named individual;
  • Submission for comparison with IDENT1, the national fingerprint database;
  • Assessment of the quality of fingerprints recovered from items for comparison and identification purposes;
  • An assessment of the position of the fingerprint and its orientation, so as to give a full interpretation of how the item or surface had been handled.

Our Experts

James Holding

BSc (Hons)

Footwear / Fingerprints / Firearms