Chris Davies

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Chris has over 35 years of experience as a forensic document examiner gained within the Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Laboratory and the Forensic Science Service. 

He has dealt with the full range of questioned document casework including terrorism and other matters involving national security, serious and organised crime cases including large scale fraud and counterfeiting and investigations into police misconduct.

Chris has worked on many hundreds of forensic document cases and presented evidence in court on many occasions.  His notable cases include the investigation by the House of Commons Committee on Standards and Privileges into the “Complaints from Mr Mohammed Al Fayed, The Guardian and others against 25 Members and former Members” and providing evidence on the Arabic writings of the trial of those accused of bombing PanAm Flight 103 (the Lockerbie bombing).

Chris is also an experienced trainer having successfully trained other forensic document examiners and providing training for the police.  He has also delivered academic courses in handwriting and signature examination.