Benedict Spencer

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Benedict is a CCTV video and imagery analysis expert and has examined thousands of video recordings from all manner of sources including: private, city, in-vehicle, covert, aircraft etc. Processing varies from conversion from proprietary format to common format, specials effects and image analysis (clothing, objects, events and people).

He is also a cell site analysis expert and has prepared hundreds of cell site analysis reports for the courts. Most cases require field surveys to determine what cells provided service at specified addresses, or along specified routes as may be necessary.

Benedict has worked on a variety of case types including murder, kidnap and rape and has been involved in a number of high profile cases including:

  • Aman Kassaye trial for the Graff Diamonds £40m robbery
  • Colm Murphy trial for the Omagh bombing
  • Ian Huntley trial for the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman
  • Ricky Preddie trial for the murder/manslaughter of Damilola Taylor